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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

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Main Characters

Hylian Link

The Hero In The Game - Saves Hyrule, Yet Again

Wolf Link

Links Sacred Twilight Form

Princess Zelda

Heals Midna, And Then Plays A Vital Part In Defeating Ganondorf on Horseback


The Twilight Princess - Aids Link Throughout The Adventure, Giving Tips & Helping Wolf Link Jump Alot Further


Links Childhood Friend, and Best Friend - Gets Kidnapped & Loses Memory, Then Regains It


One of Links Childhood Friends, Idolises Link


Image Not Available

Opens Malo Mart In Kakariko Village, and With The Aid of Donations, Expands To Hyrule Castle Town


Image Not Available

Looks After Ilia Once She Arrives At Kakariko Village


Image Not Available

Links Mentor, Teaches Him How To Use A Sword, And Later Helps Him Get To The Sacred Grove And At Hyrule Castle Attacks Some Enemies About To Attack Link.

King Zant

image not available

False King of Twilight, Appears To Be The Main Nemesis, But Is Revealed As Ganondorfs Court Jester


Dark Lord Ganondorf